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Zephyr 101

Wed 4:15pm-5:45pm

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Today’s MCU’s are capable of versatile and complex tasks and are being used in diverse and innovative ways. RTOS’ are playing an increasingly large role in helping developers quickly get up and running and effectively manage their embedded and IoT devices. However, getting started can be intimidating and confusing to beginners. This session will explain some of the pro’s and con’s of using an RTOS and key factors to consider when making that choice. Users will then be taken step by step through the process of getting an RTOS, ZephyrOS, up and running and performing a few simple tasks on the provided hardware.

Thea Aldrich

Thea Aldrich

Zephyr Project Evangelist and Developer Advocate, Zephyr Project

Thea is a Developer Evangelist at Zephyr Project (Linux Foundation). Previously she worked as a developer advocate at Eclipse Foundation. She is passionate about data, connectivity and IoT.

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